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AJ is my name.

Organize. Clean. DeClutter. is my game!

Strengths Finders:

Activator. Achiever. 

Communication. Futuristic. Strategic.




Extroverted. Observing. Feelings. Judging.


My Story

I learned everything that I know about cleaning, organizing and entrepreneurship from the three women I was raised by: my mother, my grandma, and my great-grandmother.  
Through AJ DeClutter Me, we want to take care of the cleaning and organizing of  your space to make it more functional.  We want to transform your space so you can focus on what's important, whether that is spending quality time with friends and family or enjoying your hobbies.  We take care of the little things so you can focus on the big things.

My goal is not to just clean or organize, it is to change lives! Come on this journey with us by booking a consultation today.

Magazine Articles!

We are featured in the Amour Women Magazine! Check out our articles about home organization and cleaning!

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