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How to O.C.D. Your Life - Part 1

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

AJ DeClutter Me - How to O.C.D. your life

I am in awe of the number of things we can accomplish in a small amount of time. Us ladies are able to keep multiple plates afloat at once and still be home to kiss our loved ones good night. We work, we clean, we cook, we love, and much much more. But the hustle and bustle can become too much. We gotta O.C.D. not just our homes but our lives.

AJ DeClutter Me has the solution. We are a small black female owned business that provides home and business organizational services coupled with residential and commercial cleaning services. We live by the abbreviation O.C.D. Organize. Clean. DeClutter.

Let’s walk you through how to master the O in O.C.D.

Organize. Whether you are tackling your basement or your calendar. We must get organized. We must lay it all on the table and see what we have to work with and how to prioritize. When tackling a basement, we must first have an idea of what we have; to be able to move forward. Just like with our schedules, we must see what we have to do and also what we desire to do. We may have work responsibilities,our children’s school activities, and more. But do we prioritize our self-care rituals, our gal pals, our meditation time? We must organize our lives around what our priorities are. Work may be a priority but supporting your mental and physical health, spending time with your besties and building up one another, and seeking out “quiet time” are just as important as those other “daily responsibilities.” Choose today to #ajdeclutteryourlife by organizing your life around your work, home, and #ajdeclutterMEtime

Enjoying meals with friends and family is #selfcare

Next steps: Make sure to prioritize your daily self-care. We must care for ourselves, before we can build up those around us. Organize not only your home but your life around those that encourage you and those you can encourage and build up. Create healthy support systems and remove any “clutter” that gets in the way of your new #ajdeclutteryourlife goals.

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* AJ - Owner, Founder, and CEO of AJ DeClutter Me, LLC

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